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Maintenance of your air conditioner is essential in order to avoid any unpleasant system breakdown and ensure your air conditioning unit’s longevity and efficientperformance. Greenserve is offering professional air conditioning servicing for a wide variety of brands and air conditioning types and can readily attend to your servicing callouts wherever you are based in London and the Greater London area.

Our air conditioning servicing includes complete verification of all the aspects involved in the functioning of your air conditioner. After a quick and accurate diagnosis of your air conditioning unit’s status, we will proceed with the cleaning and upgrading of these above elements, including:

  • cleaning or replacing the filter
  • replacing the power cord if worn
  • cleaning the outside condenser unit and offering solutions for protecting the unit from bad weather
  • electrical check of the thermostat and switch
  • cleaning the evaporator coils
  • cleaning the condensation drain lines and checking for any leaks and potential replacements

Our air conditioning servicing will ensure that your air conditioning runs at its top performance all year long. Depending on the extent to which you use your air conditioning unit and on the quality of the air existing in the area you live in, your air conditioning may require servicing multiple times a year. Greenserve is happy to attend whenever is needed and can also generate an automated reminder service to ensure you never miss a service again.

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