Greenserve van in London

Greenserve is happy to unveil two new Vauxhall Vivaro Sport vans to add our fleet of response vehicles. You might have already seen these brand new ‘green goddesses’ zipping around South West London thanks to their eye-catching Greenserve branding. Our two new vans will help us with our expansion plans as we take on an increasing workload in the area and a bigger engineer team.

There are so many reasons why reliable vehicles are important to a property maintenance company in London. Firstly, a large volume of our work is in winter – the coldest, iciest months – so a vehicle that can cut through the bad weather and not break down is essential. After all, we apply the same principles to our vans as we do boilers, and we want everything to be in tip-top condition.

Secondly, South West London is a busy part of the capital and the traffic can be notoriously bad! We have had our new vans fitted with the latest GPS tracking technology that tells our headquarters if an engineer is stuck in traffic – so we can pre-warn a client or redirect the engineer to a less congested route. The GPS system also allows us to direct an engineer to a local parts supplier, ensuring he turns up to a job with all the right equipment to solve the problem.

Lastly, our boldly-branded vans are part of our overall client security package. There will be no confusion over the identity of our gas engineers, plumbers and electricians when they pull up in one of our vans – we think it offers extra peace-of-mind in an industry where some less-than-desirable tradesmen are touting for business.

We’d like to say a big thank you to the sign writing team at Wrap Cube who have completed a stunning job on the two new vans. After watching the process of ‘wrapping’ our vans in the Greenserve brand, we take our hats off to the staff, and level of design and skill involved.

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