Environmentally cost-effective

No parking fee, no call-out charge and no driving.

Save Time

In essence, an instant survey eliminates unnecessary waiting time or clashes with your diary.

Environment friendly

Striving to reduce our carbon footprint by eliminating unnecessary journey time.

Our equote service gives you a quotation in record time!

When necessary, we conduct site surveys!

An equote is an efficient and convenient way of providing an estimate without needing an on-site visit. Our software supersedes traditional quoting but still gives you all the information on which to base your budget. It’s simple and straightforward!

Estimates provide a preliminary look at the cost of a project. However, quotes take it one step further by offering customers an official in-depth written agreement that sets out an exact price for the project. Estimates are based on visual elements such as photos, videos and the descriptions of the work required. Once on-site, we can assess the actual scope of the works against the estimate, and if more time or materials are needed, we will let you know before we proceed – leaving you in complete control.

Usually, an accurate quotation that gives exact times, measurements, materials, etc., is key. With many standard services such as heating, plumbing, and property improvement – we are able to provide estimates without a site visit. This makes the process super fast.

Not for everything! For more complex works, i.e., installation of a new gas boiler where new pipe runs and re-siting of the boiler is required, a site survey is essential. However, tap replacements, storage tank installations, and other basic plumbing/heating works can be done via equote.

A quotation can be generated without the need to arrange dates for a site visit. It can establish a base rate for the works and outlines a breakdown of the work and time needed to complete them. Our experienced estimators can provide exact quotes quickly when photographs or videos are supplied – often within a few hours!