CP12- Gas Safety Certificate

Gas Safety Certificate (CP12)

Gas Safety Certificate (CP12)
Appliance and installations in a domestic or commercial property. As a landlord or business owner, it’s your moral and legal obligation to ensure the safety of your tenants and employees. Should an accident occur involving a gas appliance then the landlord of both types of properties will be liable if the gas certificate has expired. A valid CP12 will not only serve as your major defence in the event of an accident, it also shows a duty of care to tenants and employees. During the inspection, your appointed engineer will check and report any issues that does not meet regulation standards. A CP12 must be conducted every 12-months, without fail! As a landlord it’s also your responsibility to provide a copy of the certificate to the tenants within 28-days of the inspection.
If you are looking for a qualified service provider to test your gas appliances, look no further. Greenserve Ltd. is a local multi-trade home maintenance company (working under the banner of serviceteam) providing services across Greater London and surrounding areas. Our Gas Safe qualified engineers will assess the gas appliances in the property including the gas boiler, gas fire/s, gas heater/s and the gas installation. If all the appliances are deemed safe to use a certificate will be issued electronically, which covers the property for 12 months. Should the test be unsuccessful a full report outlining the remedial work required to meet with gas regulations, will be issued. It is then up to the responsible person to authorise the remedial works. Only when the remedial works are completed will the CP12 be issued.
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Gas Safety Certificate (CP12) – FAQs

Before the issuance of CP12 certificate, the engineer will inspect the following: Check for any gas or CO leaks Check the flue to ensure correct exit of burt gasses. All are appliances are gas tight. Checks the safety devices like CO alarms and other safety features of the system are working safely. Gas pressure test. That there is adequate ventilation. Check the combustion and air supply. All seals checked for damage and wear and tear.
A typical CP12 certificate will contain the following: Name, ID, and signature of your Gas Safe Engineer. Date of the inspection. Name and address of the Landlord. Full address of the property. Location and condition report of each of the checked appliances. Any problems and the remedial actions needed to bring it back up to standards. Date of next due gas safety check
Yes, they are. Although originally named “CORGI Performa 12” at the time of introduction, the documentation was given more generic names like Gas Safety Certificate and CP12 after CORGI lost its official standing. After which the responsibility was transferred to Gas Safe. It’s also a reason why only Gas Safe registered engineers can conduct such tests.
30-40 minutes on average. However, it depends on the number of appliances in a property. If there are more than 3 gas appliances in your property the process can take up to an hour or more.
Only a Gas Safe engineer is legally permitted to undertake the inspection and issue the certificate. To see whether an engineer is Gas Safe or not, check their Gas Safe registration number (on their gas ID card) at the official Gas Safe site by clicking on this link https://www.gassaferegister.co.uk/ Also check the back of their ID card, that will also confirm the type work the engineer is permitted to undertake.
If an appliance fails the inspection a detailed report will be raised outlining the remedial works needed to bring the appliance/s up to regulation standards.
The same/similar tests and inspection as for a domestic appliances but on commercial equipment used in a restaurant, professional kitchen, canteen, commercial food manufacturers etc.

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