Gas leak repair london

Gas Leak Repair London

A major gas leak in a domestic property is the most dangerous situation you are likely to encounter! A leaking gas appliance or fractured gas pipe can have devastating consequences to life and property if ignored! The worst is an explosion, which can cost lives and devastation!
A gas leak is usually detected through smell and must be reported immediately to your gas supplier. If the leak is severe, turn off the electricity from the fuse box, vacate the property, move the occupants to a safe distance from the property, open doors and windows and call the National Grid on 0800 111 999.
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Obvious signs of a gas leak

Although some gas leaks are easier to detect due to the pungent smell.

Carbon Monoxide is totally, it’s odourless, invisible and without smell (more about that later). There are a few telltale signs to watch out for that alert us to a gas leak:

    • A hissing or whistling sound near a gas connection or fractured pipe!
    • Constant pungent smell (similar to bad eggs) sometimes harder to detect its source.
    • Plants that may have wilted or withered.
    • Gas usage higher than usual (2022, gas prices are through the roof currently so don’t confuse the two).
    • Feeling sick.
    • All of the above point towards a gas leak, which must be detected and isolated immediately.
Greenserve’s qualified gas engineers are trained in locating random gas leaks with the appropriate ‘sniffer’ equipment. Rest assured your gas leak will be detected and attended to safely.

CO another gas leak that’s not so obvious!

A few members of the family have been complaining of nausea recently and you cannot pinpoint why? Then, through the process of elimination you realise the ones affected socialise and sleep in the room where the gas boiler is situated. Alarm bells begin to sound. Could CO be leaking from the boiler into the room causing the problem?
You check the symptoms online – vomitting – check, weak flu like symptoms – check, headaches – check, dizziness – check, some pains in the chest – check, you’ve read enough and realise that CO is leaking from the gas boiler. You decide to check when the boiler was last serviced – oops, it hasn’t been serviced since it was installed all those years ago!
You make a list of the things that suggest/confirm the boiler is leaking CO:
    • The burner flame is orange in colour rather than blue indicating poor combustion – not good in a gas boiler!
    • Brownish yellow stains in an area where the leak is.
    • Sooty deposits.
    • There’s a crack in the flue and on a windy day the expelled by products return into the room.
    • The air has stale smell about it!
Yup, it’s a leak alright! The boiler must be turned off and the occupants evacuated out of harm’s way, until it has been repaired!
Once the leak has been fixed make sure you install a CO alarm. It’s an early warning system to alert you to the dangers of CO should a leak occur in the future!

Gas Leak Repair – FAQs

It depends on the complexity of the problem i.e., if pipework is beneath floorboards of in a cement flooring it will take longer and may require drilling equipment to expose pipework? If the pipework is run externally then it will take less time.
No, certainly not! Don’t even go there as once force move could send you into orbit!
Yes, even if it’s undetected, gas leaks will rapidly add to your energy bills.
The more gas inhaled means less supply of oxygen to the body, which can lead to asphyxia. You will start feeling chest pain and fatigue once the symptoms start to kick in! When these symptoms are experienced get into the fresh air without delay, it could save your life or the lives of others! Staying in a gas filled environment for too long can lead to suffocation and even death! However, due to its distinctive smell it will undoubtedly warn you that gas is escaping. You should vacate the area IMMEDIATELY! And call National Grid.
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