Get Your Toilet Unblocked in London

Toilet Unblocking in London


With the small jobbies a decent sized plunger will clear the minor blockages in your WC (well most of the time)? However, you’ve landed on our page because your plunger isn’t shifting this blockage! If you’re looking for an undefeated toilet unclogging champ then your on the right page! Some blockages require professional assistance as they can be rather stubborn on occasions! A blocked toilet can be a gross inconvenient and unhygienic operation, that’s why Greenserve Ltd. have a drain plumbing service available to help in your time of need 24/7. We also provide emergency services, which consist of our professionals attending to your problem within the first 24 hours (subject to availability).

A quick introduction, if you’ve not used Greenserve Ltd. before. We are a local multi-trade home maintenance company operating inside greater London and its surrounding areas. We provide a range of repair, replacement, and refurbishment services at the best prices, whilst maintaining the highest standards of workmanship. Here at Greenserve Ltd. we like to think we come with a respectable pedigree, but don’t take our word for it, please access our customer reviews (under the banner of serviceteam) on the following platforms Checkatrade, Trustpilot, and Which? Trusted Traders. Perhaps that will give you the reassurance needed if you’ve not used us before?

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