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Bathroom Refurbishments in London

A bathroom with clean tidy modern lines is definitely attractive, not only to family members but also for potential buyers. So, when planning a bathroom refurbishment it’s best to stretch the budget a little bit further (if you can) and don’t skimp on fixtures, fittings or its aesthetic design. Let’s face it, most bathroom’s have to put up with a lot! Every family member uses it on a daily basis, it steams up, taps and showers are likely to have limescale deposits, which definitely takes the shine off them. Condensation rules OK in a bathroom, unless the extractor fan is powerful enough to cope with it! Also, cleaning your bathroom whilst your kids are still growing up is like shovelling snow from your driveway while it’s still snowing. It can be hard work? If there’s very little air flow then mould starts to develop. Mould adores bathrooms as the conditions are great (wet and damp) allowing it to spread! There’s no limit to where it may start growing, i.e., on mastic, grouting between tiles on the ceiling, cabinets etc. No matter how many times you wash it down with a powerful mould remover, it’s only a matter of time before it start to grow back.
If you’re thinking of refurbishing your bathroom then Greenserve Ltd. is here to help. We are a local multi-trade company operating inside Greater London and its surrounding areas providing a high-quality household maintenance service to anyone who seeks plumbers, gas engineers, electricians, kitchen and bathroom installers or a handyman services. If it’s a new bathroom you need our bathroom installer team will professionally manage your project to meet your complete satisfaction.. Here at Greenserve Ltd. we like to think we come with a respectable pedigree, but don’t take our word for it, please access our customer reviews (under the banner of serviceteam) on the following platforms Checkatrade, Trustpilot, and Which? Trusted Traders. Perhaps that will give you the reassurance needed if you’ve not used us before? Contact us now anytime or get a free quote online. Our extremely helpful staff is also there 24/7 to help you with your questions and concerns.
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Benefits of a bathroom refurbishment

It increases the property value
Research says that a stellar looking bathroom can add anywhere between 2% – 4% to the value of your home. Now, that is financially rewarding when you’ve done the maths!
Looks like you will get a handsome return on the money invested and some!
Increased efficiency
With the modern power or electric showers water usage can be better controlled with less waste helping to reduce the water bill (if you are on a water meter). The lighting is also included in the refurbishment – changing conventional lighting to LED lights can help save energy. Even more so if they are movement activated, no more leaving the bathroom light on for hours on end – when the movement stops, so does the electricity!
Enhances the aesthetic appeal of a bathroom
To be honest you want the right reaction when your bathroom has been refurbished – we don’t want a ‘oh, yeah it’s a bathroom’, yawn, followed by a shrug of the shoulders – NO, you want the WOW factor! That can only happen with a unique design and modern clean lines, functional appliances and graceful shapes.
When is it time to consider refurbishing the bathroom?
The taps are leaking and beginning to stain the porcelain basin, the bath taps are dripping they are stiff and difficult to turn on/off and spraining your wrist in the process is now the norm! The shower unit is not as it used to be, running around under it to get wet can’t be right! The water temperature is on a loop, fluctuating between cold, tepid, warm, and repeat! The bath has a brown rusty area near the plug hole due to the dripping tap, oh, and those cracked tiles. Those annoying things all add up, maybe it’s a cry for help from your bathroom?
Has it become tired looking and old fashioned. That Victorian cistern (above your head) with a chain (remember those) aren’t as trendy now as they were back in 1852! Constantly removing mould is no no mean feat, it’s time consuming and labour intensive! What is lurking behind the bath panels or cupboards - mould probably! A complete refurbishment is the only way to to deal with it.

Bathroom Refurbishment – FAQs

Totally! Whether you are just selling your house or just upgrading from the old to the new! A bathroom refurbishment is the best of both worlds. As mentioned at the top of this piece, you can add between 2% - 4% to the value of your property.
It depends on the extent of the refurbishment. Let us know the scale of the refurbishment and we can talk timescales. The more alterations the longer it will take.
Once you’ve finished your shower use a squeegee, it removes all those water streaks and refresh the glass panels. You can also use a decent cleaner obtained online for a sparkling finish. It can also be used to wipe down the tiles. A quick wipe round the shower tray/bath edge etc.with a cloth will remove any standing water and avoid mould taking hold.
For a skilled professional, it takes around 6-8 hours to fully tile a shower cubicle. Any cutting around corners etc. will lengthen the process.

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