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Shower Valve Repair London

It’s a cold winter’s morning. You are getting ready for work and looking forward to a hot shower to warm and freshen you up before you set off. You turn on the shower for the usual hot shower you’ve always had and taken for granted over the years! Yesterday’s grime is about to become history, but wait, as the first drops fall they are not accompanied with that warm all over relaxing sensation! In fact the water is ICE COLD! Followed by a sudden body jolt and uncontrollable shivers that take your breath away. You hang in there long enough to turn off the shower valve – just! You grab to towel nearby, and wrap it around your light blue body and wait for your heart rate to return to normal! Sound familiar?
It’s a good job the trusty bath is there for back up, although it takes a while to fill and you’re already running late! It looks like the shower valve has gone west! Not to worry, as it’s not a huge problem it’s just a little inconvenience until you get it fixed. All that’s needed is a simple thermostatic cartridge or ‘blending valve’ that’s easy to install and get your shower up and running again. Changing a thermostatic shower valve is bread and butter for our Greenserve plumbing team, as we replace hundred’s each year. So, why use Greeserve Ltd. for your cartridge replacement? Well, we cover Greater London and its surrounding areas and provide a premium service to everyone at the best prices (without any extra or hidden charges). All of which comes with a 1-year Greenserve Ltd. guarantee for all parts, materials and workmanship, which gives you peace of mind. We also offer a Greenserve Rapid Response service, which comprises of our tradespeople attending to your needs within the first few hours (subject to availability). Greenserve Ltd. have been in business for over 11 years now (under the banner of serviceteam Ltd.) and like to think we come with a respectable pedigree, but don’t take our word for it, please access our customer reviews (under serviceteam Ltd.) on the following platforms Checkatrade, Trustpilot, and Which? Trusted Traders. Perhaps that will give you the reassurance needed if you’ve not used us before?
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Shower Valve Repair FAQs

Greenserve charge a fixed price of £69 + VAT for shower valve repair services, with 10% off for new customers. The charges will only go up if the actual scope of the works takes more time than specified in the estimate, i.e., if extra work/materials/time is needed.. 
With proper care it will last for well over a decade and some. However, if the water in your area is hard, the life span can dramatically fall.
This can happen if there is a difference between the main cold water supply into the property and the cold water when heated. If the imbalance is constant it will, over time, damage the cartridge. This a fairly typical problem encountered. Another big reason for cartridges failure is the presence of debris in the system (limescale) especially in hard water areas. Maybe, you should consider installing a water softener?
On average, it takes our plumbers somewhere between 30-6- minutes to replace. Please remember that the water supply might need to be isolated, unless individual isolation valves to the water supplies are in place.

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