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Water Leak Repairs in London

We need to pay close attention to any signs that indicate a leak is present inside or outside your property. You may have recently noticed a musty damp smell in your property that wasn’t there before? To begin your investigations try and trace the leak back to its source. Some clues to help – any discolouration to walls, this typically indicates a leak is present somewhere and should be investigated immediately. It could be an external leak that has penetrated through to the internal walls? Check the external drain pipes, guttering and overflow outlets to see if any wet and slimy deposits exist on the external wall beneath the outlet. Water will tend to accumulate at the lowest point, noticeable by a ‘sagging’ appearance. If a ceiling shows signs of sagging or discolouration, then you have a leak somewhere – it has to be located before any structural damage occurs.
Concealed leaks: There is a degree of difficulty attached to a concealed leak as it could be retained within a solid, stud, or tiled wall, or beneath concrete. Once detected some of the the fabric of the property will need to be removed to access the leak and repair it. Yes, access will be intrusive, messy, costly and time consuming but necessary to prevent further damage through water seepage. Whatever the leak, large or small our professional plumbing and leak detection team will manage the process from detection to repair. Greenserve Ltd. offer their services 24/7, 365 day a year for trace and leak repairs. We always endeavour to fix the leak during the first visit (wherever possible, if it doesn’t need any intrusive works). If you have any plumbing or issues with the property’s plumbing please complete our online form. Our helpful advisors will listen to your issue and arrange a convenient day and time for a plumbing engineer to visit.
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Types Of Leaks
Buried external leaks include those beneath:
Soil and scalping.
Turfed areas.
Include beneath:
Ceramic flooring (intrusive-extensive).
Rugs and decorative coverings (possibly intrusive).
Concrete flooring (intrusive-extensive).
Wooden Flooring (intrusive).
Lino Flooring (intrusive-light).
Tiled walls (intrusive-extensive?).
Laminate Flooring (intrusive-extensive).
The possible effects of a leak

The longer you delay the repairs, the worse it will get. Leading to possible subsidence (depending on severity) and could affect the selling price?.
The spores of such microorganisms are present everywhere. In dry conditions, they remain dormant and there’s no reproduction. However, as soon as they are exposed to moisture/water, reproduction is triggered and mould build-up begins in areas where dampness is evident. Moreover, further spores are produced that pollute the air. People with allergies and weak immune systems can be affected.
Once the walls are exposed to water, stains and discolouration become visible. This will be one of the initial signs pointing towards a problem. Something a potential buyer will be wary of?
Nobody likes a musty smell in any room of the house 24/7. It’s unpleasant and a definite indicator that a leak is somewhere? So, if you do notice any of the signs, it’s time to call Greenserve Ltd.
If you have an attic, the water leakage is most likely to ruin everything you have stored there. But that’s not all, constant water seepage will damage the electrics and pose a potential risk to safety and possibly cause a ceiling to collapse!
We understand how disruptive a sudden leak can be. And that’s why we have a rapid response service. Greenserve rapid response service comprises our professionals attending to your needs within the first 24-hours of the call (subject to availability).

Water Leak Repairs – FAQs

Here are some of the most common reasons:
  • Improper sealing of pipes.
  • Aged sealants around sinks, bathtubs, windows, etc.
  • External wall cracks.
  • Poor quality external pointing 
  • Compression joint failure.
  • Leaking roofs.
  • A damaged damp proof.

Preventing water Leaks (internal)

  • Ensure that hose connections are secure on water supply lines to various water-consuming appliances (washing machine/dishwasher/InSinkerators etc.).  
  • Make sure the water level in the WC cistern does not reach the overflow outlet, it will also save water if you’re water is metered. 
  • Repair missing or damaged tiles and reseal your sinks, bathtub, etc. 
  • It’s important to follow maintenance procedures/guidelines to ensure all plumbing equipment is working properly. 
  • Insulate all pipes that are exposed to freezing temperatures it helps prevent burst pipes. ‘Press fit’ connections can become uncoupled due to expansion as the water freezes. The tightness of any ‘push fit’ connection relies on the pressure applied by the installer! We would always (where possible) recommend a soldered joint! 

Preventing water leaks (external)

  • First of all, repair any damaged roofing material. Usually this will require professional help. Greeserve’s tradespeople are only a call way to tackle this type of repair. 
  • Make sure your gutters, pipelines, etc. are free of any debris. It will allow free drainage of water.
  • Ensure good insulation and ventilation. 
If there’s leak in your system, there will be a few signs you need to look out for:  
  • High water bills (if metered).
  • Visible signs of mould and mildew building up.
  • Musty smelling rooms.
  • Stained walls, ceilings, and floors.
  • Check you water meter has stopped when you shut off the water, if it continues then a leak is present - somewhere! 
  • Wet/damp areas will be quite apparent (beneath sink/basins/bath/water cisterns etc) and outside your home. 
We have a fixed price of £95 + VAT for water leakage detection and repair (materials are extra).

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