Insinkerator Repair London

Insinkerator Repair London

An InSinkerator is a kitchen appliance that seems a luxury rather than a necessity? Only those who have one installed in their kitchen will know how helpful and convenient it can be to tackle household food waste. However, it’s only when it stops working do you begin to realise just how much of the kitchen waste it coped with and how much you depended on it. The reason you’re reading this article is probably because your InSinkerator has packed up? So if you’re looking to replace your InSinkerator, because it’s not performing as it did or it’s just too damn noisy and is becoming high maintenance, it might be time to book Greenserve Ltd. to come and take a look?
Concealed leaks: There is a degree of difficulty attached to a concealed leak as it could be retained within a solid, stud, or tiled wall, or beneath concrete. Once detected some of the the fabric of the property will need to be removed to access the leak and repair it. Yes, access will be intrusive, messy, costly and time consuming but necessary to prevent further damage through water seepage. Whatever the leak, large or small our professional plumbing and leak detection team will manage the process from detection to repair. Greenserve Ltd. offer their services 24/7, 365 day a year for trace and leak repairs. We always endeavour to fix the leak during the first visit (wherever possible, if it doesn’t need any intrusive works). If you have any plumbing or issues with the property’s plumbing please complete our online form. Our helpful advisors will listen to your issue and arrange a convenient day and time for a plumbing engineer to visit. Who are Greenserve Ltd? We are a London-based multi-trade home maintenance company, and a subsidiary of serviceteam a household name in and around Greater London for the last 11 years. We offer a range of repair and replacement services all across London at competitive prices, without any hidden or extra charges. Greenserve Ltd. will keep your works/project at the centre of everything we do to ensure your complete satisfaction. We have 24/7 availability and a dedicated head office team who will listen to your concerns and advise the best option to resolve the issue you’re faced with.
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How it works…

First time visiting us, no problem! Let us guide you through how our repair/replacement service:
    1. To get a free quote, simply complete our online form.
    2. Pick a date and time that suits you and compare the price availability options.
    3. Enter your card details. We will only charge you after the completion of the works (not before).
    4. Our experts will reach your place on the appointed date and time, fully equipped and prepared to begin work.
Alternatively, you can contact us via email, by sending clear pictures/video of the unit that needs repair/replacing along with the description of the problem. You can also phone and talk to one of our team members regarding your issue/s.
For a complex problem, you can also book an on-site survey (the cost of which is fully refundable if you go ahead with the works).

Insinkerator Repair London – FAQs

With great maintenance, a garbage disposal unit has a life expectancy of up to 10-12 years, after which it will start clogging more often as the blades wear. Once it has reached this stage, it's wise to have it replaced.

Several signs tell you when you should replace your InSinkerator. For example, if you hear it making any sort of unusual metal to metal noises, if the odours are more pungent than before and won’t go away, or when the InSinkerator motor won’t turn over; all these signs suggest it's time to replace it.

Yes! If your unit gives off a burning smell there’s a chance that some stubborn object is stuck in the grinding chamber causing the motor to overheat. If not attended to can lead to motor burn out! To avoid this see the list below.
  1. If you want your unit and your overall plumbing to work soundly, the following are some of the most common things you should not put into the unit: 
  • Eggshells 
  • Fats and grease/animal fat
  • Coffee grounds
  • Bones
  • Fibrous or stringy vegetables (celery) or fruits
  • Nuts and shells
  • Any inorganic, non-food items
  • Cigarette stubs
  • Cardboard etc
When a garbage disposal unit is clogged, it will exhibit strange signs like humming, clanking, grinding and smells of rotting food waste. Any of the above signs look and sound familiar, then call Greenserve Ltd for a guaranteed fix!
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