Water Softener Installation

Water Softener Installation

If you are living in an area with hard water, you may have noticed your plumbing getting faulty more often. You may also have noticed unnecessary stains frequently building upon the basins and the efficiency decrease in overall water flow. And these are just some of the commonly identified problems; there’s much more to add like crusty faucets, spots on glassware, and soap scums in sinks and bathtubs. Not to mention dry skin and irritation…the list goes on. But guess what, you can avoid all this by simply installing a water softener. What does it do? Well, that will need a bit of a 10th-grade chemistry explanation. Remember that two negative charges attract each other. And atoms with one deficient electron (cation) or the extra electron (anion) e.g. disturbed state, will be attracted to each other. Now keeping that into account, let’s explain how a water softener operates.
Water is hard because of two culprits: magnesium and calcium, which are both positively charged. The water softener has resin beds inside that contain zeolite: a negatively charged group of atoms. The zeolite ions attract the positively charged magnesium and calcium ions as water pass through the softener, thus trapping the impurities in the resin bed, and releasing sodium salt instead. These minerals are then removed from the resin through the regeneration process. A good quality water softener will ensure that you and your family use water that is completely hazard-free, while economically friendly as you won’t have to spend a huge chunk of your salary on soaps, shampoos, and frequent repairs. If you are already thinking about installing one, you have just landed at the right place. Here at GreenserveLtd., we have a group of highly qualified engineers who will install your water softener in the best and cleanest way possible. Moreover, they will also assist you in your decision-making process as you look for a decent water softener based on your needs. Our customer-friendly staff members are there to hear from you 24/7, with our professionals ready to attend to your needs at any hour of the day. It is your trust and our dedication to your projects that led us where we are today; operating as one of the leading maintenance companies in London and its surroundings. Don’t believe us? See what our customers have to say on online reviewing platforms like Checkatrade, Trustpilot, and Which? Trusted Traders. Their excellent feedback speaks volumes of our professionalism.
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Benefits of soft water:

    • Saves up to 50% of shampoo, detergents, and soaps.
    • Removes the existing scale and inhibits more build-up.
    • Rinses easily without leaving behind any stains.
    • Gives off sparkling clean utensils out of the dishwasher.
    • Can help in recovering from dry skin conditions.
    • Cleans laundry more efficiently.
    • Gives a soft experience while bathing.
We have two methods of providing our customers with a quote. You can choose either:
Our Process
Accordion Sample DescriptionIt includes the following steps:
1. Our expert engineer will visit your property and inspect the system. After that, he will ascertain the best location for softener installation. The inspection includes a water hardness test, checking pipe size, and checking the mains pressure.
2. After proposing the installation location and carrying out the tests, the engineer will prepare a personalized quote based on the obtained results.
3. After your approval, we will propose a date that is convenient for both, you, and us. Moreover, the survey cost will be refunded after the project as a goodwill gesture for putting your trust in us.
4. The installation will be covered by a 1-year Greenserve guarantee.
Greenserve Ltd. also offers online quotes. The process includes the following steps:
1. First, you must fill out our online form that includes a brief description from your side and pictures of the installation site (or repair site in some cases).
2. After having a detailed look at the pictures and description, our team will make a personalized quote for you, containing the total costs of the project.
3. After your approval, our team will arrange a convenient date for you and us. We will visit your place on the specified day and install the water softener.
4. The installation will be covered by a 1-year serviceteam guarantee.

Water Softener Installation – FAQs

As salt is the main component of water softener in treating water, the water softener will basically lose its functionality. As a result, your plumbing is constantly exposed to lime build-up etc; whatever harm hard water can cause.
Based on the water usage in the home, the frequency of salt changing should be at least twice a month.
As more and more hard water passes through the water softener, the resin gets more and more saturated. Once it’s out of capacity, its filtering ability will come to halt, and you will be supplied with hard water.
We wouldn’t recommend it during the 2-hours period while the softener is regenerating. This is because it supplies hard water during this duration and it can seriously harm your plumbing system.
The easiest way to know is to conduct a soap test. Just take some water in a bottle and add a little liquid to it. Now shake the bottle and see if it’s bubbling normally. If it doesn’t perform normally and the water takes a cloudy colour; it is hard.
Depending on the scale of hardness already present in your home. Usually, it takes from about one to two weeks to start showing results.
Here are some of the common advantages of installing a water softener: . Saves detergent, shampoo, and soap costs by . . 50%. . Only removes minerals that are responsible for water hardness. . Reduces lime deposit build-up . Reduces staining and scaling . Saves energy
Adding too much salt can cause the solidification of regenerant. This prevents the system from regenerating properly. Thus leading to poor softening properties, and hard water supply.
A resin bed last from 10 to 15 years under normal circumstances. However, if you notice any abnormalities in the quality of water despite passing it through the softener, it is most likely that the softener has problems.
Here are some of the major signs that indicate something’s not good inside the water softener and professional assistance is required: . There is a strange: unusual taste in the water coming out of the softener. . A gradual decrease in water pressure. . Poor lather formation from soaps and shampoos. . Hard water spots on dishes etc; improper cleaning even with detergent. . There’s extra salt in the water.

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