Thermostatic Radiator Valve Installation in London

Thermostatic Radiator Valve Installation in London

The specially designed valve self-adjusts the supply of water entering your radiator/s according to the setting. As room temperature alters the valve head expands tweaking a pin in the valve body signalling it to open or close. These valves allow different heat zones in different rooms. Heat can be shut off completely in any room whilst others are still working. This can help with you energy bills and keep them under control.
For example, if there are rooms that are south facing and all day exposure to sunlight then you may not want the radiators on maximum or turn them off altogether letting the natural heat maximise the temperature? A TRV will restrict the hot water flow once the desired temperature has been detected. Similarly, if there are empty rooms in your property, then it makes no sense to heat them. You can adjust or shut off completely the hot water supply to specific radiators.
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Benefits of a modern thermostatic radiator valve:

Thinking of having TRV’s installed then why not consider SMART TRVs! The operation principle is exactly the same but you can alter the temperature remotely using a mobile App on your phone. It makes things so much easier.
1. You can control them from anywhere!
Yes! That’s correct. You can be anywhere, in the next room, the next city or country! Just as long as it is connected to the wifi router through a simple mobile application.
2. Detailed performance statistics
You can be constantly updated with the system’s performance and efficiency, and be informed of how much energy can be saved. This allows for effective usage of energy.
3. More convenience
Compared to conventional thermostatic radiator valves, they are easier to install and are more convenient because of the smart control features. You will benefit from from day one when installed. Plus, they are compatible with most heating systems, so shouldn’t be a problem?

How much does our TRV installation cost?

Greenserve Ltd. TRV installation will cost you around £140 + VAT for the supply and installation. Plus a further £50 + VAT for every additional TRV. For example, if you have 3 TRV’s installed the cost would be: £140 + £50+ £50 = £240.

TRV Installation London – FAQs

Ideally fit it to the flow side. 
No, they aren’t. It’s always best to consult Greenserve Ltd. for further advice.
A TRV works by regulating the flow of hot water in the radiators. Once the temperature reaches the desired value, the capsule in the valve head contracts or expands causing a pin in the valve body to open or close.
A. Anytime the TRV is not managing the radiator temperature accurately or when it’s broken (the vacuum cleaner has a lot to answer to). There’s no exact timeline as to when a TRV should be replaced. You may just want to upgrade to a more modern looking design? B. What’s the lifespan of a TRV anything from 5-10 years and above. If they are manufactured from plastic it will harden over time and become brittle and more susceptible to breakages.  
As far as their functionality is concerned, they are. Installing TRV’s will prevent some rooms of your house from overheating or wasting energy. Individual radiators can be isolated in rooms not used. As each radiator can be regulated, the energy consumption will also be controlled, reducing energy costs.
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