Radiator Replacement London

Radiator Replacement London

It’s the midst of winter and everything outside is covered in a blanket of snow, and the temperature has dropped again! You rub the condensation from the window and peer out. The landscape outside has changed considerably with the recent covering of snow, it’s almost magical. Those childhood memories of playing in the snow and building snowmen come flooding back. It’s both magnificent and harsh. Tomorrow, when you look out of the window it may all be gone (hopefully) leaving no trace and taking the freezing temperatures with it (you wish). You look forward to retreating to your favourite room with a steaming hot cup of coffee but the room temperature is not as you expected – in fact it’s colder than expected! You take a sip of hot coffee and investigate starting with the radiators. It’s the first time you’ve inspected them properly since they were installed all those years ago. You notice that there are a few radiators showing signs of weeping and rusting at the bottom, in the rooms you rarely occupy. Maybe, that’s why the boiler pressure keeps dropping?
There’s very little you can do except call a professional for advice? Just leaving the radiator, you know, could cause it to split then you’ve got a flood to deal with, not ideal.Faulty radiators or pipework always strike when you least expect it – usually in the middle of the night! Don’t delay if your radiators are in poor condition, prevention is better than the cost of clearing up after a flood, and it’s probably cheaper? If they need replacing then you’re on the right page! Here at Greenserve Ltd. we like to think we come with a respectable pedigree, but don’t take our word for it, please access our customer reviews (under the banner of serviceteam) on the following platforms Checkatrade, Trustpilot, and Which? Trusted Traders. Perhaps that will give you the reassurance needed if you’ve not used us before?
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When to replace a radiator?

Here are some common tell-tale signs that indicate that you should be replacing your radiator/s:
    • Signs of rusting.
    • Minor cracks along the seams/ base.
    • Excessive sludge in the radiators (even after a powerflush).
    • The radiators are more than 12 years old.
    • In need of constant bleeding.

Benefits of installing a new radiator

Installing a new radiator has the following benefits:
    • Modern radiators are 50% more efficient than their older counterparts, which means a saving on energy bills.
    • Modern radiator design are more aesthetically pleasing and blend better with modern decor.
    • New radiators are compatible with thermostatic radiator valves(TRV). They divide the house into different heat zones, allowing better temperature control in each room.
    • They can also be isolated in a room that is not used.
    • It ensures that you maximise the heat output from your boiler.

How Greenserve Ltd. operates

There are two ways in which we approach radiator replacement:

To obtain a free quote, just complete our online form or simply request a quote via Floquote. For repair services just provide us with pictures and a detailed description of the work required. Our team can then prepare a free estimate of the works. If we are authorised to proceed, we will, when on site, compare the estimate with the ‘actual’ scope of the works and advise if more time/materials and cost are needed, before we proceed. This leaves you in complete control.
If you don’t like the idea of online quotes, we can arrange a site survey for you. Here’s how it works: Our engineer will come to your property and inspect the scope of the works. The radiators will be measured to calculate the heat output needed for each room. The pipework is assessed to gauge if it can accommodate the new radiator/s and advise if an upgrade to the pipework is also necessary. Once approved, we can agree a convenient date and time for the project. All Greenserve Ltd. work comes with a 1-year Greenserve Ltd. workmanship guarantee.

Radiator Replacement London – FAQs

Yes, replacing the radiator is a straightforward process. However, if your new radiator is different in size to the old one then it may require certain modifications to the pipework, which can take longer?
With a skilled professional it won’t take more than 2-3 hours. This will usually include a drain down refill and rebalancing of the radiators
The lifespan of a central heating radiator is somewhere between 8-15 years or sooner if there is visible signs of deterioration.
Well, if you want the best heat output then it’s ideal. It has 3 panels and 3 convectors making it perfect for a room that has just been extended, without needing for multiple radiators. ques

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